Connectivity for communities is an important element for digital evolution of our society. For this reason, the YDx Linx project has been developed in order to manage the process from beginning to service provision to homes and businesses in the communities. The YDx Linx program is a complete process that is made up of the following steps:

  Area identification based on the population size and the necessity of the digital services.
  Availability of a YDx team to work on the project for the identified community.
  Scoping of the market by doing a demand analysis in the identified community.
  Technical scoping on the required network and ideal service to be rolled out.
  Exploring all available options to deliver the ideal service needed.
  If there are no options in the market, the YDx team will then explore a Technical design of the required network solution.
  Funding options will then be finalised and project confirmed.
  Implementation of the network would take place with client take up at the same time.
  Service provision will be delivered as soon as the network and the technical teams + business development teams are ready.