The South African Digital Content Organisation is a Non-Profit organisation and the Youth Exponential Development Project (YDx) is in need of funding to reach out more youth in empowering them with skills and a platform to be involved in the 4th Industrial Revolution as well as learning the skills of being on their own.

Why donate to us ?

  YDx recruits and focuses on the unemployed youth in the communities. This gives them an opportunity that is unique and never heard of.

  The empowered youth in the YDx become ushers of the communities towards the 4th Industrial Revolution.

  As a donor you can also suggest the community to target and work with. All the youth in the world deserve the type of work carried out by YDx. Wherever possible SADICO will engage, especially if the size of the donation is significant to expand to new areas not covered by SADICO.

  The youth in the YDx program are driven to know the importance of being independent. The YDx program is founded on the principle of self development as well as empowering they outh to create jobs for other youth.

  The YDx Program has the Health and Wellness Element, aimed at optimising the return on investments in developing the youth. The Health and Welleness element enables the youth to know how live healthy and a meaningful life.

  The YDx Participants are given a unique platform to explore innovative ideas and solutions to solve challenges in communities. Many participating YDx participants have developed new and interesting ideas, with clients interested in their solutions.

  The YDx project is a unique answer to many challenges in the communities because an empowered youth means a better society of the future.

Contribution to the war against Corona Virus (Covid 19) ?

  YDx recruits are well positioned to encourage social distancing in the communities, through the use of technology.

  The empowered youth in the YDx are also getting involved in implementing technology solutions that will help communities cope with the Covid 19 pandemic.