Any Admin CHAMPIONS out there?

We believe in CANI, continuous and never ending improvement. We are looking to empower talented people in the YDx regions. We’re on the search for SADICO Regional Admin Champions, RAC for short.

A RAC can be:

  A community member living in one of the SADICO YDx regions.
  Youth with an interest in computers and technology.
  Youth with an inherent desire of being an entrepreneur. SADICO seeks out self starters and avoid the youth looking for jobs.
  Youth are South African Citizen from the .
  Youth are between 18 and 35 years old.
  Youth are available and participate on full-time basis.
  The youth with a technology qualification are enjoying this advantage but all the youth are growing.

With the following qualifications:

   Degree/Diploma in Office or Business Administration or similar.
   Intermediate computer literacy. Proficiency in Word processing, building spreadsheets, presentations.
   Three years relevant work experience.
   A car will be an advantage.

Steps to become a RAC:

   Apply by uploading your latest CV and completing your personal information on this link: