The South African Digital Content Organisation (SADICO) is a Non-Profit Organisation that was registered as a Section 21 Company in 2010, with the purpose of :
   Introducing technology as a way of life and empowering communities and closed user groups with basic skills in understanding and participating in the technology sector.
   Training communities and closed user groups in Technology, targeting the youth, women and people living with disabilities.
  Organising the trained individuals into technology co-operatives.
  Facilitating the Cyber Security culture in communities, through the SafeCyberLife campaign.
  Providing an industry platform for community individuals who want to be part of the technology industry.
  Empowering the communities with the understanding of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The Active Directors of SADICO are Mr Menzi Ndaba, Mr Ephraim Marobela and Mr Linda Khumalo.
SADICO also operates from South Africa and has started international growth with the establishment of offices worldwide.

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